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What is needed to have a good sex!? First of all mutual affection and desire to please the partner as much as Your self. There is no technique You can learn to have a good sex. There is no manual or courses You can take to learn how to have a good sex. Like in love the hardest thing is giving advices in sex. But there are few things You can do (beside desire and affection) to make the whole game of sex better.

Being comfortable, relaxed, and stimulated properly is one of the key issues. Knowing Your partners likes and wishes as well as being able to share Your own is a good head start. Talk about the positions, foreplay stimulations, even problems You may have. The more intimate You are with Your partner, the closer to the road of better sex You are.

There are few things You should keep in mind. No women is the same. Some women have no problem reaching orgasm from simple vaginal penetration because the movement of the labia can provide some clitoral stimulation while the nerve endings inside the vagina are delicately engorged. Still there are many women (some estimates would say as high as 60%) who for anatomical or psychological reasons can’t reach orgasm from penetration alone. This isn’t because something’s wrong! Sexual intercourse alone doesn’t treat the clitoris to direct stimulation, it almost ignores this important erogenous area altogether.

Don’t be afraid to experiment but only with Your partners consent. Stay open to her wishes. Don’t make a habit out of Your sex play. It doesn’t have to be always on the bed or in a form felatio >>> cunnilingus >>> intercourse. Try something new with every sex play. Make the magic between the two of you work the way You want it.